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Mind Body Studies is the exploration of the connection between brain and behavior as the key to realizing our full human potential.

Mind Body Studies enable reprogramming of the nervous system through patterns of thought and movement, bringing forth the fullest expression of abilities.

Mind Body Studies is a learning system that allows anyone to reprogram their nervous system and integrate new patterns of thought and action, so that human potential can be exercised to its full advantage.

Using patterns of movement designed to develop the connection between brain activity and physiological expression re-igniting inherent, and until now, dormant abilities.

MBS Academy is the teaching centre for Mind Body Studies. Founded by Mia Segal, Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais’ collaborator and sole assistant for 16 years, and Leora Gaster, who spent her life within this framework, MBS Academy has been successfully committed to spreading this work globally for the last 4 decades.

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