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  • Develop yourself and your communication with your pet
  • Learn about your own body as you learn about your animal
  • Communicate mindfully with your animal and your self


MBS For Seniors

The approach of Mind Body Studies addresses patterns of physical and thought-stimulated organization. Systemic long-term habits are re-visited and re-set for greater flexibility, ease and well-being.

Seniors, with life experience bringing appreciation to what is important, and for the significance of quality over quantity, are ideally suited to benefit from this work.

MBS is most effective when you work at your own speed, paying attention to your personal and unique abilities and to your own internal feedback. In contrast to regular exercises, you are not required to compare yourself to others and are not set prescribed goals for distance or height. Rather, these ‘lessons’ teach you how to think of how you operate and the interesting challenge is to discover your own best ways. You discover how to apply what you know, so that you use your life experience and wisdom toward improvement in mobility, stability and a feeling of integrated well-being. Thus, you continue to build on all your knowledge to move onto a path of consistent progress, in mind and body.

With this approach, you decide how far to challenge yourself. Since you are constantly listening to your own feedback, you decrease the risk of injury and accelerate recovery and progress.

For acute cases, or in order to address special issues and ‘jump-start’ the process, learning can begin with a few Individual Lessons (FI). However, the aim of Mind Body Studies is to empower you to understand how you operate and expand on that ability, so that you become self-reliant and achieve autonomy.

Doctor’s Opinion:

“I insist on my cardiac patients learning MBS. Over the years I have found this work to be of great value in reducing cardiac incidences.” – Dr. MT, Cardiologist