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A Valentine to My Dear Colleagues

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Happy Anniversary, Foundation XII!

Onward, Foundation XIII!


DSC_0053.jpgTwo years ago, the MBS Foundation XII ended and we fledgling practitioners dispersed, flying and driving and riding the rails back to all the countries we came from. Since then, I’ve been lucky to regularly see fellow graduates and current Foundation students. I moved continents to enjoy such a privileged position, but now I reap a real peach of a reward: Meeting up with colleagues for practice has been a very useful and fruitful follow-up to the Foundation training itself. Or rather, it’s let me continue with an ongoing training that is not yet complete. (And which, I guess, will never really be complete.) 

When I look at video clips or listen to recordings from the Foundation training, I’m often surprised by how clearly the core of the MBS teachings can be found within the smallest piece of any lesson. Just as Mia often speaks of finding the “DNA” of a movement right at the beginning, it seems that pithy little seeds are enclosed within each part of each lesson – seeds that contain and offer up a map of the whole.

In the same way, it often surprises me how powerfully just five minutes or half an hour of practice with a friend can sharpen my attention, improve my sensitivity and draw rich details out of the shadows. This method that we’re learning teaches us to listen to ourselves, but it gets truly, electrically powerful when done in concert – and in conversation – with others. We learn about ourselves when we take note of our contact with the floor and our contact with the world around us.

So I thank you, with a soft ribcage and a very soft heart, my many teachers.

I hope we meet up again soon, maybe in some corner of the world that will be as unexpected and endearingly peculiar as Bad Tölz seemed to me the first time around. So long as there’s a bit of ground to roll out our mats, in your company it seems – even in a world gone pretty mad – we can begin to figure things out.

And just that beginning is so much.


With love,



Danielle Hill

February 2016, Vienna



PS. Those of you in Foundation XIII, I understand this month marks your official start to teach ATMs. Congratulations! May you find your own pieces of that heady Bad Tölz spirit at home, among your friends, friends-to-be, and guinea pigs/teachers.



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