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Testimonial from our London Introductory Workshop- by Janet Heath

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Leora Gaster – An Introduction to Mind Body Studies – the Work of Dr. Feldenkrais

8/9 March 2014

A Master Class in Clarity

 by Janet Heath

From the first “Please lie on your back...” to the final “Any questions?” I sensed we were all enthralled. The group was comprised of people with a wide range of experiences of the work of Dr. Feldenkrais; from reading a book about it to being teachers of several years standing. I was curious as to how “An Introduction….” could be constructed to enable us all to gain something valuable from a two-day workshop. Leora didn’t disappoint. Even the seasoned teachers were heard to say “Amazing!” and “Fantastic!” at the end, and when I spoke to someone who had no experience of Dr. Feldenkrais’ work she said she felt inspired to know and do more.

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1776smaler.jpgSo what is it that makes Leora Gaster such an inspirational teacher? Together with her mother,

Mia Segal, she was my first introduction to Feldenkrais’ work and I remember then the clarity of her teaching and her very evident passion for the subject, which ensured a high level of

attention and interest from all participants. It’s as if she really wants you to “get it” and I know Leora

is dedicated to spreading what she calls “the work” around the globe so that everyone can benefit

from Moshe’s fantastic legacy.


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