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Living on the edge or in freedom- Student Testimonial

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Below is a testimonial from MBS Practitioner Jorga Hanesova...

b2ap3_thumbnail_DSC04678.JPGI've been studying with MBS Academy for the last 4 years, and Feldenkrais the last 17. This approach to my own body, and nowadays also the classes with my clients, keeps bringing me back to the question "how small can you make that movement?" or less is more. Patiently, I will keep asking "Can you do less?" And eventually the meaning of this question will become clear to one person or another. The Feldenkrais approach means you take your own way at your own pace. This is what I love about Feldenkrais - it is your own journey that can't be forced from within or without.

When we first start doing a movement in a class we tend to go all the way to our limits, testing them - will they let us go further? Will the limit finally move on its own? Our limit is that point of struggle and stubbornness - where we just want to do it. With no softness, elegance or joy. You actually don't need to keep doing it, if it hasn't brought you anywhere else throughout your life, except to your old familiar limits. Many trainers would approach a movement like so: "Lift your head, lift your chest, now five more times, now 20 more",  ...and now you are huffing and puffing... "That's great!" And since many of those movements are so very simple, many times people ask - WHY can't I do such a simple movement?

And this is where that beautiful quest of discovery starts: what about asking the same question differently?

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