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Mind Body Studies

Mind Body Studies is a practical set of tools, developed to optimize the power of the brain and body connection.

It is a learning process, which examines awareness of thought-in-action with far reaching implications, including behavior, self-image and beliefs.

Engaging in this exploration and insight generates new choices in experience and interacting with the world, creating positive change throughout the nervous and cognitive systems, thereby providing the key to expanding human potential.



Mind Body Studies is a learning system that benefits everyone of all ages – whether you have special challenges, seek continued well-being, want to maintain peak performance, or are interested in making the most of yourself in thought and action.

The effectiveness of this work has been established through countless cases demonstrated through a century of work, first by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, furthered by MBS Academy’s founders - Mia Segal and Leora Gaster, shared by MBS Academy Trainers, and continued by the many MBS Practitioners.

The underpinnings of MBS have been further substantiated through recent advances in neuroscience that have established the power of the brain’s plasticity (it’s ability to adapt and remodel). The body manifests thought into action and feeds information back to the brain. Efficient use of this loop is the key to optimizing well-being and human abilities.

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