c What is Mind Body Studies?

What is Mind Body Studies?

Mind Body Studies examines moving with attention to how you think of it and how you transform your thoughts into action.

Over the last 40 years, founders of MBS Academy, applied the work of Dr. Feldenkrais to define and establish the Core Principles® and foundations of this vase body of knowledge, as taught through Group Classes and Individually Lessons to teach and mentor hundreds of professionals to empower their clients and students to transform inherent potential into ability.

Mind Body Studies, as taught at MBS Academy, addresses human behavior on eight logical levels, as illustrated below: 


Movement: Improving flexibility of movement and thought for all levels

Technique (Individual Lessons): One on one lessons for specific goals

Sensing: Developing multiple levels of orientation by directing attention on multiple levels

Logic/Reasoning: Discussion and organization of information in patterns and order

Belief System: Re-examining and challenging existing beliefs and self-image

Values: Sorting through principles and standards of self-organization 

Self Image: Reviewing how one sees and experiences the self in a realistic environment

Identity: Finding one's center as the reference to one's values and behavior 


What are the courses like?

MBS Academy’s curriculum crystalizes decades of experience to teach systemic integration of experience with skills. We base learning in exploration, encompassing all levels of the work, from practice on oneself, practice with others, philosophy and foundational background.

Through our tried and tested curriculum, our students access their best abilities and talents, review and refresh belief systems, and deepen understanding and respect for themselves and others.The entire experience evolves organically and systemically as any ‘real’ learning should be, rather than a sequential, linear acquisition of skills.

MBS Academy’s Professional Foundation Training includes technical, experiential and philosophical approaches to Mind Body Studies. The courses include choice Group Classes, weaving them together with relevant technique through hands-on practice, discussions, demonstrations and personalized mentoring. During each seminar, all aspects of the work are covered: concepts, principles, experience and techniques.

 MBS Academy’s goal is to convey to each student an understanding and ability to apply Mind Body Studies with simplicity and clarity.



Experiment by lifting your hand

If you pay attention, do you notice that your hand is connected to your arm, shoulder and throughout your body, as well as your awareness?

Experiment by lifting your foot

How much of yourself do you include now? How far do you feel and know that you are doing this movement? How do you decide what is necessary and efficient?

Do you feel it in your thigh, hipjoint, back, abdominal muscles?

Are you breathing while you move or are you holding your breath?

How do we allocate what we include in each intention, thought, movement?

The brain controls the whole body. The body is where we pick up information from the world around us, by seeing, hearing and feeling. The body is also the mechanism through which our instructions from the brain get executed and expressed.

With Mind Body Studies, we create situations of increasingly intriguing movements, which allow you to explore how your patterns of thought are put into action. You will find how to generate more precise information, pick up feedback about your thought process, and how you think and feel about yourself. These specifically designed movement-sequences are therefore a ‘setting’ and opportunity for you to discover more about yourself – in every sense of the word!


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