Testimonial: My experience of an MBS Advanced Seminar

“An Advanced Seminar with Mind Body Studies is a challenging experience on all fronts:  experientially, intellectually and professionally.  Incomplete concepts, lack of physical mastery skills and inhibiting underlying assumptions about the Feldenkrais Method are revealed for personal evaluation.  

There is such a comprehensive understanding of how Feldenkrais himself worked and evolved, and a generous sharing of that throughout the training segment.  

The key concepts underlying FI choices emerged, and expanded my willingness to consider what is possible for each student.  Being there amplified my understanding of what we can achieve with awareness and attention.

An advanced training that allows self examination to set new learning goals, and rekindles passion for the work is rare.  Such is the effect of spending time learning with Mia and Leora.  I recommend that you spend time with them soon.”

Hoping all is well with you, from snowy Denver


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