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About MBS

For over 60 years we have been developing and teaching the shared key principles of multiple life-changing disciplines of thought, movement, and brain research.  We have synthesized these into practical techniques and information that anyone can learn through easy and enjoyable exercises.

The connection between brain and body and the ability to shape behavior has been proven in many ways in  many labs.  Our focus has been to create practical applications of all the potential that is proven to reside, yet lies un-used and dormant, within the intricate system of brain and body.  We have succeeded in applying this knowledge in practical, colloquially-useable form, so that anyone can learn and benefit.

The work brings together thought, emotion, psychology of learning and scientific knowledge, through specific awareness-focused movements, which relate to specific brain functions and configurations, for self-governed behavior, forming ability to master communication between internal state and physical intelligence.

The principles of this work, which apply to – and complement – multiple professions and multiple life situations, have been taught for many decades with consistent results worldwide, to people of all ages and of all abilities.

This work is described as a “Users’ Manual To The Self’ and ‘A Language of Communication Between Mind and Body’.

MBS Academy offers a rich selection of in person and online programs. SiA is an introductory program for all, which introduces selected principles and skill sets.  

With life’s challenges we form habits and stop using the immense capacity of our incredibly potent system. The range of our habits narrow our self-use a meager range of physical actions, which translate to minimal brain configurations, so we move through the world reactively rather than with choice:  we bend forward and back, turn around, reach to grasp, lift, walk, maybe run. 

This means we are using a fraction of ourselves.  Indeed, it is not surprising, since we are born with infinite vast capabilities, but of course, we get no manual! As a result, most abilities lie dormant.   It is like programming 20 numbers into your phone and never using the keypad to add any new ones or create variety.

MBS Academy’s SiA! Fills that gap , so that you can truly master your states and manage life’s changing demands and your goals optimally.

This information is easy and important.  Every person deserves to have it.