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MBS Academy

MBS Academy has long been recognized as the leader in developing and teaching the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. For over four decades, we have introduced and trained students, practitioners and trainers worldwide in the approach, philosophy and practical applications of Mind Body Studies, as originated by Dr. Feldenkrais.

MBS Academy Mission

MBS Academy’s mission is to keep building on the core principles developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais and continued in collaboration with Mia Segal. Since our founding by Mia Segal and Leora Gaster, we have developed and offered succinct and effective curriculum for all our trainings.

We are dedicated to spread this teaching and make it’s wisdom and practical applications available to all: from school children to seniors, professional performers, individuals with physical challenges, the medical community and professionals of varied vocations.

Our courses are designed to empower our students with clear, useable tools for personal and professional development. Our students thrive in a supportive, encouraging environment, with personal attention and guidance throughout; thus providing students with confidence and a high level of technical ability. Our courses weave theory, philosophy and practice, and are taught in the spirit of the joy of discovery and empowerment of the individual.

About MBS Academy

MBS Academy, founded by Mia Segal and Leora Gaster, is the premier teaching centre for Mind Body Studies. Our goal is to present a succinct and effective distillation of practical applications to finding and fulfilling your personal best.

Dr. Feldenkrais’ work and passions are brought directly to MBS Academy by Mia. She was his first and long standing trusted assistant and collaborator, spending many years at his side. The MBS approach was developed through on-going discussions and experimentation in the Segal home, and in the subsequent 30 years of work, Mia and Leora Segal-Gaster, developed an effective curriculum to pass this work on to others.

Graduates of MBS Academy have shown continued success as MBS Practitioners and in bringing this work to their respective professions. In carrying on the mission of spreading this work, MBS Academy has trained an energetic and proficient new generation of MBS Trainers to further expand the opportunities for training around the world.