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  • Develop yourself and your communication with your pet
  • Learn about your own body as you learn about your animal
  • Communicate mindfully with your animal and your self


MBS For Babies And Children

Infants and children learn and develop through curiosity and exploration. All movements, beginning in the womb, are manifestations of the nervous and muscular system teaching themselves, experimenting and learning how to coordinate, absorb information and communicate.

We, as adults, are biologically ‘programmed’ to respond to these communications, nurture and grow with our children and share the joy of their explorations, play and ingenuity. Mind Body Studies provides insight and tools, which make the most of your child’s ability to learn and thrive, and to your contribution to this process.

MBS provides tools for learning through self-discovery of mind and body, accommodating each individual’s pace and learning style. Children who are exposed to MBS integrate new strategies and ideas quickly, applying each skill and insight into multiple aspects of life. Working through movement is the most direct way for a child to find their way, internalize and ‘own’ positive personal affirmations and social understanding. Each child discovers his or her potential and puts it into immediate action. The work is practiced with curiosity, through exploration and discovery, with clarity and simplicity. This enables children to find and use their best abilities, learn about, and from, each other and acquire rich, positive personal and social skills.

MBS is for both parents and children. Whether you are a parent who is interested in enhancing your child’s natural development, or a parent looking for solutions to developmental challenges, we will empower you and your child with simple tools that can make a world of difference.