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  • Develop yourself and your communication with your pet
  • Learn about your own body as you learn about your animal
  • Communicate mindfully with your animal and your self



As a dancer, demands on your body are as extreme as they are on any Olympic champion. The challenge is multiplied by having to appear artistic, expressive, effortless and graceful. While so many movements and combinations in dance require placement in opposing actions, they still must flow and look congruent.

What sets the greatest performers apart? What do they feel and do internally, which we strive to define and transfer to others? Innovative, tried and tested Mind and Body techniques illuminate some of the magic that sets the great above the rest.

The degree in which the entire body works together is what makes movement look effortless and elegant. Everything appears to work harmoniously and no part is excluded, even when moving in opposite directions.

In examining all of the physical aspects of a movement, from all angles, it can be seen that using each muscle in its full capacity and in combination with other muscles, enables placement in infinite angles. Becoming aware of these connections, and being aware of your body and thought process, builds mastery over the entire system so that movement is executed with ultimate precision.

Not only does this optimal distribution of effort increase ability, but working with this awareness also reduces the risk of injury and the complications which arise from physical wear and tear.

Mind Body Studies and Optimal Performance™ build a direct link between thought and movement, providing insight, clarification and internal organization. Adapting these techniques enables you to effectively access your best abilities and ensures consistent performance excellence.