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  • Develop yourself and your communication with your pet
  • Learn about your own body as you learn about your animal
  • Communicate mindfully with your animal and your self


MBS For Musicians

Physical stress is common among musicians. Playing a musical instrument places disproportionate demands on a specific area of your body, magnified by extensive hours of practice and work.

Mind Body Studies guides you to find your optimal distribution of effort. You will discover how to use yourself with lightness and freedom, so that effort is distributed and disseminated throughout your system.

By becoming aware of how you use all parts of your body, you learn where you put unnecessary stress, the areas you neglect to use, and how to re-distribute the highly demanding tasks.

An additional challenge for you as a performer is to be at your best when you need it most: during performance. Frequently, you cannot reach your ideal state on demand — the magical moment simply ‘happens’. Mind Body Studies leads you to discover your own patterns and how you organize yourself. Gaining insight and awareness of your mind-body patterns, enables you to access and master your own resources, reducing unhelpful patterns and optimizing performance on demand.

By learning about yourself in this way, you continuously improve the entire way you function through your playing. The precision and excellence with which you listen to the sounds you create provide the highest quality feedback about how you use your body and mind. In this way, your instrument becomes a context within which you continue to teach yourself, progressing in your musical skills as well as in your entire being. You create a cycle of on-going progress and learning.

“Mind Body Studies, is the most effective method I know to expand our ability to use ourselves efficiently. Musicians, who want to meet any composition’s demands, must have a vast repertoire of movements to give them the freedom to use their bodies with maximum efficiency.

Through my experience, I have found that when students discover the power of becoming aware of minute differences in their movement, it is not only their sound that changes, but also their coordination, overall technical proficiency, imagination and self confidence.” 

Uri Vardi, Professor of Music at UW-Madison