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  • Develop yourself and your communication with your pet
  • Learn about your own body as you learn about your animal
  • Communicate mindfully with your animal and your self


For Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very exciting time and the most dynamic experience for your body, with daily changes and frequent new sensations and emotions.

You are continuously adjusting on every level. The experience of childbirth, which is highly demanding, is followed by a year or more of adjustments, as you regain your former self.

Awareness of yourself is the key to maintaining your balance, confidence and trust in your ability to handle these challenges: both physically and emotionally. Finding how to use yourself in your best way gives you a sense of strength, control and flexibility, which support you through these big changes and the challenges of juggling even more responsibilities.

Learning to feel patterns throughout your body allows you to release tension and move lightly and easily. Learning to find your balance and center throughout your daily activities and using mindful movement all help in pregnancy, delivery and recovery.

MBS techniques for learning how to do what is best for you and for your baby will provide autonomy and strength throughout your pregnancy, childbirth, and the rest of your life.

“When I was doing the movements, I was doing them with my child. Every time I made a movement, I was touching my belly to see how she was doing.  And when there was the sentence, ‘And now lie on your back and rest,’ that was a great feeling! She was resting with me. Then there was something like knocking from inside of my belly, like she was ready for more….”  

Ewa, MBS Advanced Practitioner, Poland