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MBS And Teaching

  • Instill a love of learning for life
  • Enhance self respect which leads to respect for others
  • Empower your students to manage stress effectively

More About Using Mbs In Your Teaching:

“They (the students) now know something is possible with their bodies that they didn’t know before. I think they may forget the movements, but they will never forget there is something positive to relaxation, to discovery. That will spread.”   Read More…

Jörg, Teacher & MBS Practitioner, Germany

MBS For Teachers

School settings are the perfect opportunity to instill foundations of a higher quality of life on personal and social levels. For the last two decades, MBS practitioners have been working in schools with impressive results, and have found that students of all ages enjoy these lessons. MBS experientially instills important principles, such as behaving with flexibility, staying curious, respecting differences and understanding tolerance. Learning that each student has many untapped abilities builds confidence and allows them to handle challenges. These movements are guided series of questions, which children can practice at their desks, paying attention to how they can manage their internal behavior of learning and pressure. Students discover that the goal is reached most effectively with flexibility and attention, rather than power and stress.  This is followed by comparison to their classmates, and the discovery that there is no single best way to reach the goal, but that every person adapts their way to suit their physiology and unique way of thinking. This teaches how to value differences and learn from each other, building respect and fostering a positive shift toward tolerance and healthy social values. Removing personal and social pressure and increasing self-knowledge and confidence, expands students’ ability to concentrate and learn, therefore improving academic performance.