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MBS And Wellbeing

  • Improve your quality of health - Improve your quality of life
  • Use more of yourself – Be more yourself
  • Expand your brain's capabilities – Expand capacity to live

MBS For Well Being

We are born with a huge range of ability in our system: neurological, skeletal, muscular and cognitive connections. It takes knowledge and skill to coordinate them optimally, yet we don’t receive a user’s manual.

Mind Body Studies builds on science, philosophy and psychology, to enable you to find ways to use more of yourself. Using patterns of movement designed to develop awareness in thought and action, you will find ways to connect and apply all of your inherent abilities in a greater range and variety.

These movement-patterns provide an opportunity to re-examine habitual ways of acting and to empower you to choose the best way to apply yourself in all your activities.

In building self-knowledge within your system, and in creating a language of communication within yourself, you create cohesiveness in your network of thoughts, nerves and muscles.

As you explore your movements with awareness, you discover how you think of yourself and how you orient yourself to the environment. This re-education of yourself internally and externally increases your ability to move with ease, to handle stress and to enjoy life on every level.