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MBS Academy’s Approach

History, Design And Goals Of The Training

Throughout his life, Dr. Feldenkrais’ focus on mind body studies centered on empowering people to realize their full potential. He discovered a straightforward way of achieving this, by applying physical movement with thought to the discovery and application of essential life principles. These principles are as simple as they are powerful.

The challenge of teaching such a comprehensive and profound body of work, was an ongoing discussion in the Segal home. With time, we have found a way of focusing on the Core Principles®, utilizing the Group Classes and Individual Lessons as examples portraying the real values and lessons Dr. Feldenkrais wanted to teach.

The combination of Moshe’s research and experimentation, Mia’s talents as a teacher and Leora’s updating and development of the work, allows MBS to formulate precise, straightforward models and teachings. MBS Academy continues to elucidate this work and formulate transferrable sets of tools for students.

Movement (Group Classes): Improving flexibility of movement and thought Technique (Individual Lessons): Techniques for helping others experience dimensions of change Sensing: Developing multiple levels of orientation Logic/Reasoning: Making sense of experience and finding the simple order Belief System: Reviewing and discovering new dimensions Values: Analyzing what is important in life – in terms of principles and standards of behavior Self Image: How one sees and experiences his or her self Self Identity: Trusting oneself as the reference of what is right for him or her

MBS Academy’s curriculum crystalizes decades of experience to teach systemic integration of experience with skills. We base learning in exploration and curiosity, encompassing all levels of the work, from practice on oneself, practice with others, philosophy and foundational background.

Through our tried and tested curriculum, our students access their best abilities and talents, review and refresh belief systems, and deepen understanding and respect for themselves and others.The entire experience evolves organically and systemically as any ‘real’ learning should be, rather than a sequential, linear acquisition of skills.

The MBS Academy’s Professional Foundation Training includes technical, experiential and philosophical approaches to Mind Body Studies. The courses include choice Group Classes, weaving them together with relevant technique through hands-on practice, discussions, demonstrations and personalized mentoring. During each seminar, all aspects of the work are covered: concepts, principles, experience and techniques.

MBS Academy’s goal is to convey to each student Dr. Feldenkrais’ lifelong pursuit of understanding and applying Mind Body Studies, for their personal development and to empower them to pass on this work to others.