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MBS for Athletes

Physical performance improves optimally with the right balance of physical conditioning and mental training. How can you optimize and build on this body-mind loop to achieve your athletic goals? MBS's crystallized study of how movement-patterns connect with thought process, is incorporated by some of the world’s greatest athletes to mobilize and enhance their abilities and reduce injury.

MBS is a leader in the practical application of creating a ‘dialogue’ between thought and action: gaining insight and bringing patterns of movement into awareness, enables mastery over mind-body communication, thereby ensuring ongoing control and progress. 


This is especially advantageous when put to the test during performance or competition, when the entire system is under the highest stress.

Whether you are a daily walker, fitness club member or professional athlete, an individual or a team, MBS Academy can assist you in reaching your goals.


"I applied the principles of MBS with a relatively fragile member and at the end of the session, she felt her whole body much more connected in teh exercise.  The movement became much easier and mor importantly less painful."

MV, Personal Trainer Lisbon, Portugal


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Benefits for Athletes

  • Are you tired of doing the same routines without feeling results?
  • Does exercising cause you pain that hinders your progress?
  • Are there days when you think you could have done better?
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