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MBS for Pain Relief


Mind Body Studies has decades of success in helping people who suffer from constant or temporary aches and pains. MBS builds on the premise that the body and mind are a complete and connected system: muscles, nerves, bones and brain interact and affect each other.

Accordingly, we cannot separate or treat only one part of the body, since the place that hurts is related to areas around it and those, in turn, are connected to all the rest. The body is designed to heal itself: it only needs favorable conditions to let it get on with the job. 

Therefore, MBS addresses your whole system, leading the body to function as it was designed to do, before stress, habits and injury disrupted your perfect organization.

MBS helps you find how to use yourself optimally, so your ability to become well is relearned and within your control. By finding your optimal organization and coordination, MBS gives you the opportunity to master yourself and continue to improve through everyday activities.

MBS is a learning method more than a ‘therapy', which means that you develop skills and tools to understand, change and create patterns that work best for you.

Whether you begin with Individual Lessons (FI) or Group Classes (ATM) you will be moving at your pace and within your comfort zone toward greater flexibility, coordination and ease. The process is comfortable and interesting and the effects are long lasting.


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Is MBS for YOU?

  • Do you suffer from constant body aches and pains?
  • Are you one of the millions who refuse to accept that you will always have to suffer?
  • Have you tried different approaches and exercises without positive results?
  • Do you want to know how to get out of pain and be in charge of your health and well-being?

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