c For Physical Therapists & Chiropractors

MBS for Physical Therapists & Chiropractors

Within the physical therapy field, the focus is on removing pain and realigning the body. This in-depth understanding of how the body works is complemented by Mind Body Studies, which focuses less directly on the area of difficulty and more on that area within the context of the entire system.

MBS works with patterns, to utilize all areas of the physiology, apply the way all parts of the body are affected by each other, and restore function by distributing effort optimally, thus enhancing complete recovery.

In addition, MBS teaches how the body is connected to thought-patterns and self-image, so that you utilize your patients’ innermost physical resources and understanding, to integrate function and re-learn optimal self-use.

MBS looks at the organization of the whole system, including thought, where cognitive process has physical manifestation. Physiological and neural elements are joined to each other by a network of patterns, interacting and affecting each other. Combining this perspective with your professional insight into specific symptoms, places each symptom within its environment. This ability to apply this dual perspective enables you to provide multi-faceted input, creating for your patients a long-term, self-supporting and sustainable path to health.


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MBS and Physical Therapy

  • Evaluate how connections in the body affect a troubled area
  • Speed up your patient’s recovery by working with patterns
  • Empower you clients to apply your instructions
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