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How MBS Can Complement Other Mind Body Practices

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Mind Body Studies Practitioners and students describe the ways that Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais’ work helps their practices on the yoga mat or the meditation cushion.

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Bringing an MBS Perspective to Pilates: An Interview with MBS Practitioner Jane Meek

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by Danielle Hill

Pilates is an application of the body, whereas MBS to me is how to be as a body in the broadest sense, in the way that we come into the world with all these capabilities.


Jane Meek is a graduate of the MBS Foundation training (2011) and a Body Control Pilates Instructor and Remedial Massage and Advanced Myofascial Therapist based in Glasgow, Scotland. In her work with clients and students in these two distinct contexts, Jane has described MBS as “running through everything and underpinning everything rather than the other way around.”

Prior to her entrance into the world of bodywork and movement education, Jane worked in translation and in the wine industry.

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A Valentine to My Dear Colleagues

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Happy Anniversary, Foundation XII!

Onward, Foundation XIII!


DSC_0053.jpgTwo years ago, the MBS Foundation XII ended and we fledgling practitioners dispersed, flying and driving and riding the rails back to all the countries we came from. Since then, I’ve been lucky to regularly see fellow graduates and current Foundation students. I moved continents to enjoy such a privileged position, but now I reap a real peach of a reward: Meeting up with colleagues for practice has been a very useful and fruitful follow-up to the Foundation training itself. Or rather, it’s let me continue with an ongoing training that is not yet complete. (And which, I guess, will never really be complete.) 

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