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Hidden Simplicity; the Elegance of Mind Body Studies

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New Ways of Teaching Mind Body Studies; the work of Dr. Feldenkrais.

written by Mary Morrison, MBS Advanced Practitioner in 2011 

b2ap3_thumbnail_MaryPic2.jpgMary Morrison is an MBS Advanced Practitioner, Assistant and an imperative role in MBS Academy's Administration.  If you have ever been to an MBS workshop, you most likely had the opportunity to experience her enthusiasm and passion for this work.  Mary wrote the following blog in 2011, highlighting the beginning of her journey with MBS.  "I took a big first step after hearing that Mia Segal was going to be giving a two day workshop as part of the 2009 Feldenkrais Method Annual Conference. I knew very little about her, only that she had worked with Moshe for many years. That was enough to peak my curiosity. I was inspired to find out who she was and how she taught. I signed up.

On the first day, during the first few minutes of the first ATM, a gem, of what was to be a long string of gems, shined out for me:" 

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