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Top 10 Reasons to Attend MBS Academy's Professional Foundation Training

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  1. MBS Academy’s succinct and comprehensive curriculum graduates MBS Practitioners in 90 days.
  2. Seminars run from Saturday to the following Sunday allowing you to minimize your time away from work and home and save on travel expenses.
  3. Experiential learning through active participation in both group classes and hands-on partner work begins the first day of the training.
  4. We create an enjoyable and safe learning environment where students are encouraged to interact and questions are always welcomed.
  5. Supportive, small group coaching sessions empower students to be confident in teaching group classes.
  6. Our trainers specialize in diverse professional fields, which enable them to address a variety of professional applications and offer multiple perspectives.
  7. Our students understand the works’ inherent simplicity through learning MBS Academy’s Core Principles. 
  8. Judo concepts are openly incorporated into our training curriculum.
  9. We attract a diverse and international student body providing a stimulating learning environment.
  10. MBS graduates create successful professional practices.

For more information on our Professional Foundation Training click here. To read how Mind Body Studies can benefit you, follow this link.

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The Prayer Lesson- A feeling of Peace

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Last October, when we completed our Foundation seminar, I couldn't believe that we were already more than halfway through our training! Each seminar is such an enjoyable surprise, and also follows on so naturally from the previous ones. This training builds globally, from the center out, each seminar wrapping around the one before. This time, after experiencing many wonderful ATMs, I felt as though I had so clearly embodied the concepts that I could literally roll along the path home.

Near the end of the series of ATMs was "The Prayer". We started the movement in sitting and in lying and gradually worked our way through many combinations. As we progressed through the variations, the feeling in the room became increasingly quiet and calm. I have witnessed this when I am teaching in my own classes, a wonderful sense of softening, almost like the very air in the room has a different quality. I suppose it does in a way, as everyone begins to deepen their awareness through noticing when they breathe in and when they breathe out and whether they sense any further changes all along themselves in relation to the floor. It is as if they melt further into the floor during the scans between movements. I often have the sense of cracking an egg and watching the whites spread out! You can see and feel the difference as the people in the room let go.


This lesson is particularly profound, a universal movement of prayer. Whether you are religious or not, the movement and the corresponding awareness one brings to it has an impact on the system that is so noticeable, so tangible.


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