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How MBS Can Complement Other Mind Body Practices

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Mind Body Studies Practitioners and students describe the ways that Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais’ work helps their practices on the yoga mat or the meditation cushion.

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The sensation of being aware; A testimonial by Ana Bergamaschi

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I feel we are learning what is most essential in life: to listen. To be aware. To maintain our availability, humility and curiosity when facing the world. It brings such freshness to life – I mean, it brings life itself.


     When I first started practicing the Feldenkrais Method six years ago, I had no idea how much this practice would completely change my life. Until then, I thought I was sensitive and functional and that it was okay and enough as it was.

      With the practice of Feldenkrais and eventually Mind Body Studies, I quickly started discovering a whole new range of capacities. In the beginning, I sensed more possibilities of movements, such as new ways of walking, sitting, crawling and looking. Then I sensed all the different sensations that came together with those new ways of being in life: groundedness, stability, smoothness, fluidity, curiosity, playfulness, sensitivity and infinite new sensations!

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Yoga and Mind Body Studies: Maxi's Testimonail

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Learning to Learn, Learning to Teach

Now eight segments through the MBS Foundation Course, many MBS students have begun to apply what they’re learning toward teaching their own MBS Group Classes. In addition, many students who work as teachers, instructors and coaches report that their studies with MBS are influencing how they approach completely separate disciplines.

Maxi Roedl, current MBS Foundation student, describes her recent experiences as a yoga instructor:

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