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MBS Course Guide

MBS Academy’s years of teaching experience have developed a precise, effective, and streamlined sequence of courses. These have been designed for students to keep building on their knowledge, so they can progress confidently through all levels of training.

From individuals with little knowledge of MBS, to experienced MBS Practitioners, MBS Academy has a course for each level.

Introductory To Mind Body Studies Workshops

Introductory workshops, usually 2-3 days, which give an overview and insight into the joy and power of Mind Body Studies.

Professional Foundation Training

A comprehensive, 90-day training, meeting three times yearly for three years, leading to graduating as an MBS Practitioner.

Advanced Training Seminars

Advanced seminars, including the Post Graduate Certification Program and Practitioner Skills Series, are designed for professionals who want to enrich and strengthen their skills.

Master Practitioner Training

Intensive courses for experienced, professional practitioners, working on precision and examining principles and foundations in depth.

Preparing our future trainers for teaching in our world-wide programs and the MBS Foundation Training.