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” I feel so much freer to move as I want, even more so than when I was younger!”

S.R. MBS Practitioner, California

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MBS Professional FoundationTraining

The MBS Professional Foundation Training is our signature training, with a solid track- record of educating and supporting MBS Practitioners within two years. We have spent decades coding and organizing this vast body of work which encompasses physical and mental well-being, life philosophies and self-fulfillment.

The proven format of our program interweaves In-Person and Online Seminars. Our Online Seminars provide a user-friendly structure for self-learning at your own pace. Frequent live webinars with MBS Trainers and Master Trainers will support your learning throughout with ongoing mentoring. In-Person Seminars provide a positive learning environment and hands-on guidance to ensure competency of the work.

Download the MBS Information Packet on this page for more detailed information about the training.

For more information on current MBS Professional Foundation Trainings, contact one of the following representatives:

Europe Foundation Training ** Beginning October 2019

Susan Sykes at

or complete the form to the left to download information on training!

Korea Foundation Training **Beginning 2019

Soeun Grace Doh at

Upcoming Foundation Training Dates & Locations

Foundation Training USA

Seminar 1: August 3-11, 2019

Seminar 2: November 9-17, 2019

Seminar 3: Online Seminar

Seminar 4: March 28-April 5, 2020

Seminar 5: Online Seminar

Seminar 6: July 18-26, 2020

Seminar 7: Online Seminar

Seminar 8: November 7-15, 2020

Seminar 9: Online Seminar

Seminar 10: April 3-11, 2021

Foundation Training EU

Seminar 1: October 2019

Seminar 2: February 2020

Seminar 3: Online Seminar

Seminar 4: June 2020

Seminar 5: Online Seminar

Seminar 6: October 2020

Seminar 7: Online Seminar

Seminar 8: February 2021

Seminar 9: Online Seminar

Seminar 10: June 2021