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” I feel so much freer to move as I want, even more so than when I was younger!”

S.R. MBS Practitioner, California


1 day Introductory Workshop

February 25, 2017

Palo Alto, California




5 day Mind Body Studies Retreat at Esalen Institute

May 21-26, 2017


Introduction To Mind Body Studies Workshops

MBS Academy is pleased to offer Introductory Workshops to Mind Body Studies.  These workshops are an opportunity to experience the richness, joy and power of Mind Body Studies, through Group Classes and demonstrations of Individual Lessons,

MBS Introductory Workshops will expand your personal and professional abilities and help you further your personal range of excellence.

These Workshops are for everyone and anyone, in any state of health, at any age, and of any profession.  The provide an excellent introduction to our Professional Foundation Training for those who are interested in becoming certified in Mind Body Studies.

What This Workshop Will Do For You:

  • Apply your physical and mental capacity for exponential learning and improvement
  • Re-program patterns of thinking by changing patterns of movement
  • Learn to use non-habitual patterns, enabling you to use your untapped resources
  • Create new connections and patterns in the brain, generating a cycle of communication between body and mind
  • Put your brain in a regenerative and ever-learning mode
  • Improve your quality of movement and your quality of life


“Seeing patterns of tension and release in my clients has made my work more effective, easier for me and the results are truly remarkable. I cannot recommend this insightful perspective highly enough. Thank you!” 

TSP, massage therapist, Netherlands


“A life-altering experience!”

H. Gerrard, NC