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“The Master Practitioner Training Program was one of the best learning experiences for me professionally and personally.  Mia and Leora offer a view into the structure and link between ATM and FI with simplicity,  revealing the potency of the method that fosters clarity, precision, and ease in my work and my life.” Karen Zindars, MBS Master Practitioner 2011


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“My practice blossomed into what I always envisioned it could be after the second session. I was working with adults and children with a deeper connection and confidence. Mia generously teaches what she knows, observes, and is aware of, and that’s a lot! This training is the “real deal”, a deluxe opportunity, and a refined experience of the method.” Stephanie Buffum, MBS Master Practitioner 2011 

Master Practitioner Training

The MBS Master Practitioner Training is a unique opportunity for you to go deeper into Moshe Feldenkrais’ work. As you know, Moshe’s main interest and focus in life was the interconnection between brain and behavior and how to harness it to empower humanity. And, most significantly, he found practical ways of applying these facts to enable any individual to challenge boundaries of belief and identity.

The MBS approach to this work is multi-leveled. At this point in your practice, you have the tools to present Group Lessons and Individual Lessons. In this training we will cover multiple levels of this life-changing work, including psychological factors, identity and beliefs. With Mia Segal and Leora Gaster’s years of experience teaching this work, you will learn how to empower your students.

Taught in a residential setting by MBS Master Trainers Mia and Leora, you will experience this work at its deepest level. With intensive mentoring and personal attention, we strive to keep the true knowledge of this work alive through you.

Course Format

MBS Master Practitioner Training consists of four week long seminars over two years, for a total of 26 days. Each seminar begins on a Sunday evening and concludes on the following Sunday afternoon.
Sample subject covered:

Analysis and applications of Moshe’s Mind Body Studies Core Principles©
Finding the best choices of working in a range of situations, in private sessions, classes and courses for different age groups
Precision of observation through clear lenses to be able to have curiosity without assumptions
The importance and use of interpersonal skills, including precision of communication skills, both verbally and non-verbally
Monitoring your own state and improving yourself while working in both Individual Lessons and Group Classes

Residential Setting

One of the unique aspects of this training is that the course is taught in a residential, retreat setting. All participants stay at the training location allowing integration of the material with minimal distraction, interaction between colleagues, peer support and networking.

This Master Practitioner Training Seminar 1 & 2 will take place at the CYJ Retreat Center in Wimberley, Texas. 45 minutes from downtown Austin, this center is located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. For more information about the location, please click here.

Seminars 3 & 4 will take place at the Marconi Conference Center in Point Reyes, California. 90 minutes north of San Francisco, this location provides dramatic views of the bay and the lush inland hills of the Point Reyes Peninsula. For more information about the location, please click here.

Mia Segal and Leora Gaster
Prerequisite/Application Process

Participants must apply and be accepted into this training by MBS Faculty.

Participants must have completed the MBS Foundation Training, Feldenkrais or ABMI Practitioner Training. Priority will be given to Practitioners who have participated in MBS Advanced Seminars, Post Graduate Seminars and/or Practitioner Skill Series.

Participants must have completed the MBS Online Course – Demystifying Group Classes.

Due to the intensity of this training, registration is limited to 40 participants. Students will not be admitted after the first seminar.

For an application, click here.

Tuition is $1500 per seminar. All participants must stay at the Retreat Centers for the duration of the training seminars. Accommodations and meals are additional. Contact Danielle Whitston at to request a Master Practitioner Information Packet with the different lodging options.

Upon successfully completing the MBS Master Practitioner Training, participants will be awarded the MBS Master Practitioner Certificate. Graduates will also be added to the MBS Academy’s Practitioner directory as Master Practitioners and join the ever-growing international community of MBS Practitioners.
For more information and to receive the Master Practitioner Information Packet, please contact Danielle Whitston at