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” I feel so much freer to move as I want, even more so than when I was younger!”

S.R. MBS Practitioner, California

MBS’s Way Of Teaching Individual Lessons

Practitioner Skills Series: Advanced Seminars

Mia Segal and Leora Gaster designed this program as a new series of seminars that continually progress to refine your skills as a practitioner. Building upon the tools you gained during your Foundation Training, MBS Trainers will guide you through a specific combination of advanced topics aimed to build confidence and deepen your connection with the work.

Harness your skills to become a more confident and competent Practitioner

Work with specific topics and themes to deepen your knowledge in every aspect of this work

Combine your knowledge of Group Classes and Individual Lessons to develop a successful practice

In these courses, you will develop skills, clarity, confidence and effectiveness in your practice of the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais and his comprehensive work in the field of Mind Body Studies.

Course Content

Based on the requests of Practitioners, each PSS Seminar focused on a different topic. Gain higher competence to best work with your students. Continue to build your skills and progress through this series which targets specific topics and areas of expertise, which you encounter in your practice.

Seminar Descriptions

Intensive Individual Lessons Practicum – includes working with Rollers and Beds

This seminar will focus on developing successful Individual Lessons from beginning to end. The majority of class will be hands-on work. Content will include the initial observation and assessment, quality of touch, how to plan, start and end a lesson. Develop strategies for well-formed and clear lessons, based on clear messaging and targeted exploration.

“Exploration is the Lesson.” – Mia Segal

Working with Babies,Toddlers and Children

Interweaving Group Classes built on early-development, students will revisit movement patterns which will be directly applied and interwoven with direct practical work with children of various ages, including children without and with a range of disabilities. You will acquire specific strategies and interventions to apply hands-on and even teach parents to use on an ongoing basis, to ensure continued progress for their children.

Recovering From Injury and Acute Conditions

Coping with pain and recovering from injury is very common. Mind Body Studies can be used to teach individuals dealing with acute conditions, or illness such as stroke, Parkinsons, or MS. In this seminar, MBS Trainers will provide you with Key Principles to work with acute conditions and guide your students and clients to cope with pain and life-changing situations. This will include specifically suited Group Classes and Individual Lessons.


Scoliosis of the spine is a very common complaint, especially amongst growing teens. With the MBS approach of viewing all conditions as complete patterns, change is direct, effective and almost immediately discernable. In this seminar you will gain insight, techniques and means of achieving tangible and visible change, to help scores of people in need continue to improve this condition and avoid drastic means of healthy alignment.

Connection Between Individual Lessons and Group Classes

Group classes and Individual lessons are directly related and interwoven and should be used in conjunction for optimal results. Understanding this connection will give you the deepest insight into this work and enable you to provide empowering teaching and progress to your students and clients.

Performance Excellence and Injury Prevention

Repetitive stress to specific areas associated with instruments, as well as mental stress of the need to continuously perform at peak, are common complaints among musicians, dancers and athletes. This seminar is suited for both performers and practitioners/therapists who work with them, focusing on typical, recurring injuries and techniques for overcoming, preventing and treating them.

Fitness Excellence and Wellbeing

An aspect of this work that can sometimes be neglected or forgotten about is promoting general, full body wellness. This seminar’s topics will include handling athletes, sports related movements, and stress relief. Your trainers will focus Group Classes and demonstrations on common movements we take every day, in an effort to expand your perception of when and how to use your body.

Course Format

MBS Practitioner Skills Series is comprised of six six-day seminars. To successfully complete this series, you must attend five seminars in three years, for a total of thirty (30) days of advanced curriculum.


MBS Practitioner Skills Series is open for enrollment to MBS Practitioners, Feldenkrais Practitioners, students who have completed their basic training with an accredited practitioner, and trainees in their final year of training. Please contact the MBS Course Coordinator to learn more about eligibility for participating in Practitioner Skills Series seminars.


Tuition varies per course depending on length of training. Please contact the MBS Course Coordinator for more details.


Upon successful completion of 30 days of Practitioner Skills Series, students will receive a Certificate of Completion signed by MBS Master Trainers and be added to MBS Academy’s Online Directory of Practitioners. Completion of the Practitioner Skills Series or Post Graduate Certification Program is a prerequisite to the MBS Master Practitioner Training.

For more information on current MBS Practitioner Skills Series, please contact Danielle Whitston at danielle@mbsacademy.or