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” I feel so much freer to move as I want, even more so than when I was younger!”

S.R. MBS Practitioner, California

From Practice To Teaching: Trainer’s Training

This Trainers Training is our most advanced program, in which students participate by special application or invitation only. Participants are coached and intensively mentored to become world-class MBS Academy Trainers. The curriculum is designed with a commitment to upholding the highest standards for teaching the method at its purest form. The program is focused firmly on how to pass on the purity, power and clarity of the work.

Course Content

  • Exploration and study of MBS curricular-structures and design
  • In depth analysis of the MBS interweaving of Group Classes and Individual Lessons
  • Selection and effective implementation of demonstrations during class
  • Ensuring continuity and development of the curriculum
  • Working and communicating in a team setting
  • Pacing each group of students and ensuring deep learning
  • Enabling each group of students to become a cohesive learning community through the work

Course Format

From Practice to Teaching consists of two stages:
  • Initial 10 day training
  • Apprentice for duration of 90 day MBS Professional Foundation Training
Prospective trainers are evaluated individually and as team-workers, learning from each other’s strengths, as well as from the course material. We mentor candidate trainers to ensure they polish their technique, so that they can demonstrate in class, strengthen their presentation skills and analyze in depth the construction of the group classes. They learn how to support students, build teamwork, work with groups, and lead with quiet confidence. Close individual evaluation and mentoring is a mainstay throughout the courses.


Mia Segal and Leora Gaster


MBS Academy Master Practitioner Certification or equivalent amount of MBS Academy Studies

Application Process

Participants are eligible by special application or invitation only.


Tuition covers the initial 10 day training. All expenses for Professional Foundation Trainings, excluding tuition, are the responsibility of each trainee.


Upon successful completion of the three year apprentice, trainees will receive the MBS Academy Trainers Certificate. Graduates will be eligible to join MBS Academy faculty.